Services and Fees

Shopping Companion ~ Do you find yourself overwhelmed when shopping by yourself?  Bring me along and you won't be!  I listen to your needs and wants and help make shopping easier for you.  My skill in mixing high and low end clothing and accessories allows me to work within all different kinds of budgets.  I will "pre-shop" for you before you arrive at the selected store(s) and have a dressing room set up and ready for you to try on the clothes and accessories I have chosen just for you.  Fee: $75 per hour ~ travel fees may apply.  You only pay for the time I am shopping with you, not for the pre-shopping hours.  You pay for any items purchased at the store(s).

Shop For You ~ This service is similar to the Shopping Companion described above except instead of you meeting me at the store I do the shopping for you and bring the items to your home for you to try on.  Fee: $250 ~ travel fees may apply.  This fee includes my shopping for the items, delivering them to you, helping you style the new items and returning the unwanted items to the store.  If our time together in your home goes over an hour a fee of $75 per additional hour will be charged.  You also pay for items kept from the selection I bring to you.  A budget can be set at the time of service booking.

Closet Editing ~ I will Edit your closet by organizing and separating items to keep, to tailor and to donate.  During my edit I will make a list of items you need to complete and compliment your current wardrobe.  This list can then be: given to you to shop for yourself, taken with me to shop for you and deliver selected list items back to you (the Shop For You service listed above) or we can set up a Shopping Companion day (listed above) where I will pre-shop for the items on your list and then we shop together.  Many clients choose to Closet Edit one day, Shopping Companion (or Shop for You) in the next few days and then Wardrobe Styling (see below) to give you a whole new look with your edited and newly purchased wardrobe.  Fee: $75 per hour ~ travel fees may apply.

Wardrobe Styling ~ Never wonder what to wear again!  I will style your current wardrobe (this goes along with the Closet Edit) or your new clothes and accessories (purchased during Shopping Companion or Shop for You) with the items you already own to create new outfits.  I will then take pictures of the outfits and create a Pinterest Board just for you and email you the link to refer to time and time again.  For an additional fee I can print out the outfit photos for you to keep in your closet for quick reference.  Fee: $75 per hour ~ travel fees may apply.

Special Event Shopping ~ Do you have a special event coming up?  Wedding, client dinner, first date, prom, party, class reunion, vacation... and don't know what to wear?  This service is similar to the Shopping Companion service listed above but is event specific.  Fee: $75 per hour ~ travel fees may apply.

Gift Shopping ~ No time to shop for birthdays, holidays, weddings, graduations or other special occasions?  Let me do the shopping for you!  I will select a gift or gifts for your special someone within the pre-set budget and deliver them to you.  Items can also be gift wrapped for an additional fee.  Fees: $75 per hour shopping fee ~ travel fees may apply / $6.00 per gift wrapping fee.

Packing Service ~ Going on a trip and can't decide what to bring or just simply hate to pack?  I'll pack for you!  Fee: $75 per hour ~ travel fees may apply.

Corporate Services ~ I am available for seminars and workshops on dressing for the office/workplace, business casual dressing, corporate dress, individual employee consultations and makeovers.  I am also available for fashion show, photo shoot, magazine and store display/window styling.  Fees available on request. 

Gift Certificates ~ Any of the above services can be given in the form of a Gift Certificate.  Email me for details.

Personal Pinterest Board ~ Need outfit inspiration?  I can create a Personal Pinterest Board just for you!  I will have you answer a few questions about what you are looking for and then I will make a board with 20-25 ideas for you to reference time and time again.  Fee: $25

Blog Sponsorship or Advertising ~ Pricing and information upon request. 

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