Wednesday, March 21, 2012


When it comes to my outfits, lately I have been overdosing on color and pants/jeans so I decided to try something different today ~ "no" color and a skirt (a maxi one too boot!). I was unbelievably comfortable in this entire outfit all day. I seriously need to invest in more maxi skirts. This one is super easy to wear because it's made of a heavy jersey fabric so it hangs beautifully and doesn't cling or bunch up. My only dilemma with the skirt was deciding what to wear on top. I almost went with a cardi or a lose belted tunic but something about this oversize men's t-shirt seemed right (and it kept with my minimalist theme!). The belt pulls the outfit together and the chunky wedge heels are the perfect balance to the long maxi skirt. I feel like the photos don't do the outfit justice but I did want to share it with you (I deleted yesterday's pics instead of sharing them ~ cute outfit, more bad photos!)

Have a savvy and stylish rest of your week!

<3 Mz Savvy Style

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Kristin said...

Love those gorgeous wedges!