Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Leopard and Zebra and White Denim, Oh My!

As I've stated many times before and proven through my blog, I love animal print. It's a love that runs so deep it's become an obsession. My house would be covered in it if my husband would allow it, but he won't, so instead I just cover my self in it ~ almost daily. I've gotten to a point where my outfit doesn't seem quite complete without animal print somewhere. It's a problem. Is there a group I can join? APA ~ Animal Print anonymous? :)

Seriously, I do love animal print and decided to try mixing my two favorite prints in one outfit. I think it works. The bolder shoe and the more subtle cami worn far enough apart to complement and not compete. I've had all of these pieces forever, just mixed them in a different way. I'm not sure about these jeans. They have an equestrian look to them and I think they cut me a little funny. If only I were taller...

I may be kind of quiet on the blog front over the next few days. I'm heading out of town to take care of my sister and her baby. She (my sister) fell over the weekend and broke her foot pretty severely. So instead of blogging I'll be snuggling an adorable nine month old!

Today I'm linking up with Marion Berry Style for the Trend of the Month Challenge and with the Pleated Poppy! Have a savvy and stylish rest of your week!

<3 Mz Savvy Style


The Serena Saga said...

Loving the mixing of the two animal prints! I found your blog at Marionberry Style Link-Up. I am now following you. Come over and check me out

Lindsay said...

Love the two animal prints together! Those shoes are amazing! Popping over from the trend of the month challenge.

Marion Green said...

LOL! I love it...APA? You crack me up :)
And I just love this look and how you combined the two prints! Thanks so much for linking up!
XO - Maron

Megan, said...

loving that top on you
Xo Megan,

Elle Sees said...

i love the top!!

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

That bag is too fabulous!