Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Bows on Her Fingers and Bows on Her Toes

When Laura from Walking In Memphis in High Heels announced this weeks Trend Spin Link-up was going to be bows I thought, "well, I won't be linking-up for that one, I have no summer clothing with bows".  But then I remembered some of my shoes and accessories DO have bows and an outfit was born...

I actually threw this outfit together quickly.  I had an appointment with my daughter that I was running late for but wanted to get a few blog pics before I ran out the door, the day got busy and I got all sweaty and gross (it's SO hot and humid here!!).  I had already picked out the shoes for the bow factor so I went from there.  Next came the shorts because they are extremely comfortable and it's extremely hot, plus I'm a little into pink right now.  The top was next because it's an easy toss on, black goes with anything piece (oh, and note the little bows on the sides ~ didn't realize that until I put it on).  Then the accessories...the bow bracelet (yes, it's red and yes, red goes with pink), black bracelets (because its so hard for me to just wear one bracelet at a time), my new initial necklace (perfect for when I need something around my neck but I don't know what), this sweet little "diamonds and bows" ring and simple black hoop earrings.  The clutch was a total afterthought, but it works.

So there you have it ~ my 45 year old take on the bow trend!  How do you wear bows?

<3 Mz Savvy Style

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Real Girl Glam said...

Love these bright pink shorts & it looks great paired with the lace/sheer top. Thanks for linking up for Real Girl Style!