Wednesday, April 2, 2014

How To Style ~ Bootcut Jeans

If you are lucky enough to work in an office/workplace that allows denim, bootcut jeans are the perfect at-work jean.  They are stylish (even though they have taken a backseat to skinny jeans and boyfriend jeans over the past few years), universally flattering and are easy to dress up.  As with any pant, fit, length and condition will dictate if your jeans are work appropriate.

First let's talk about fit ~ any garment that is too tight will make you look larger, like you are stuffing yourself into something that used to fit once upon a time but doesn't any longer.  A garment that is too large will also make you look larger.  The key to finding the perfect jean is going out and trying them on...lots of them...until you find the one that fits you just right.  When I'm working with a client I pull several sizes and styles for them and we try them all until we hit the jackpot!  Sometimes this takes several stores and brands so be patient.  Don't jean shop when you are in a hurry!  I went jean shopping the other day and must have tried on 10-15 pair before I found the ONE pair that came home with me (and I love them).  Jeans should fit very snugly when you try them on because they will stretch with wear and no one wants stretched out baggy jeans that you are tugging and pulling on all day!  Find jeans that fit the widest part of you snugly and then you can have them nipped and tucked by a tailor to get them perfect.  Because I'm a runner I tend to have bigger legs (ugh) and a smaller midsection so I usually have to have a tuck taken in the waist of my jeans.  It's an easy, inexpensive alteration that will make all the difference!

Second, length ~ length is just as important as fit.  If your jeans are too long, dragging the ground, you will look shorter and very sloppy.  If your jeans are too short you will look like you are waiting for a flood or that you shrunk them in the dryer.  I recommend to my clients that if they find the perfect jean they should buy two pair and hem one pair to wear with heels and the other to wear with flats.  Nothing ruins a look worse than jeans that are too long or too short ~ promise!

Third, condition ~ the condition of your jeans is vital to determine if they are work appropriate.  I know distressed, ripped jeans are all the rage right now (and I personally love them) but they are NOT for the work place.  If your once perfect jeans have been worn to death and have paint splatters, stains that won't come out and holes from wear they are NOT for the work place.

So what is the perfect work place jean?  A uniform dark wash, bootcut, mid-rise jean that is hemmed to the appropriate length.  When you find them you will be glad you did!

When you are styling your jeans for the workplace stick with more tailored pieces like structured jackets, button-down shirts, fitted sweaters and blouses or cardigan sweaters instead of sloppy sweatshirts or oversize t-shirts.  Save those for the weekends and invest in a few great pieces that will take your look up a notch and make you look more polished and put together.  Because dressing well is a beautiful form of politeness!

I acted as your personal shopper/stylist and found all of the items pictured above.  Just click on any of the pictures below for shopping details ~

XO Mz Savvy Style

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