Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Product Review: Pretty Nails Made Easy

When I discover a deal or something that makes my life a little easier I hate to keep it to myself! I love to share my discovery with my friends in hopes they too will benefit from it.

My most recent find is Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Fast Dry Nail Color. For YEARS I was a nail salon-aholic. I had acrylic nails and was a slave to having them filled in every two weeks. If I'd let them go longer they started to look awful which, in my book, defeats the purpose of having "done" nails! About a year and a half ago I just got tired of it, tired of being a slave to the nail salon, so I went thru the process of taking the acrylics off and growing out healthy nails. It took a while but I really started to enjoy having my own nails again. I've worn my nails super short (finger tip length) for years, even with the acrylics, so it became much easier to keep them short on my own. The one major issue I had was keeping them polished! I'd spend an evening polishing my nails and then waiting for them to dry for what seemed like hours only for them to start to chip in three to four days. Frustrating to the point that I stopped polishing them all together and this was not my original plan. I wanted short, natural, perfectly polished nails at all times (don't we all?!?). Well, I found the answer to my nail polish woes ~ Sally Hansen Insta-Dri. My daughter had gotten a bottle of it from a friend and had left it on the kitchen counter. The orangey-red color caught my attention. I read the directions and it seemed too good to be true - a coat of polish completely dry in 60 seconds?! I had to give it a try. The polish brush is flat and rounded so it is super easy to paint a nail in three strokes. I put on two coats even though it called for only one because I wanted to color to be a little bolder. The two coats of polish were completely dry in less than five minutes! I even went on to immediately make dinner with no smudges or dings! The polish stayed chip free for five days - not bad for a five minute manicure! When it started to chip I simply took it off with polish remover, washed and dried my hands and applied new polish. A fresh manicure in 5-10 minutes! I loved the result so much I made a trip to the drugstore to pick up a few more shades. Each bottle is under $5.00. My new favorite color is "Vigorous Violet", a really fun purple color that reminds me of Easter eggs, that I've been wearing it all week. I think I have found the answer to my nail polish dilemma ~ a savvy and stylish one at that!

<3 Mz Savvy Style

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BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

What fun spring color! Thanks so much for linking up to Monday Mingle!