Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Pictures From the Past (sort of)

I've been on kind of a mini "staycation" the past few days. It's spring break for my day job and I decided to take a few days to do some things I enjoy ~ spending time with my BFF, finishing a book I've been reading, getting an Easter pedi, working out later in the morning instead of at 5:30am, browsing in my favorite stores instead of rushing through and getting some extra sleep ~ just little things that are relaxing and a treat!

These photos are some I found in my photo stream that, for some reason, I never did a blog on. I think they must have gotten lost among a rare week of lots-of-outfit-post-picture-taking. Since both of my photographers are off together (code for my youngest daughter is visiting my oldest daughter at college) and I have no way of taking any new ones at this moment, I decided now would be a great time to use them!

This outfit is an easy work look. I half tucked the tunic style top and belted the pants since both are on the loose side and I'd look like a blob if I didn't! Ha! I thought the red belt, cuff and black and white leopard scarf added an extra pop that this otherwise bland outfit needed. And of course my favorite accessory? A vanilla chi tea in a bright orange Jittery Joe's cup!

Hope the rest of your week is savvy and stylish!

<3 Mz Savvy Style


Nicole Feliciano said...

I am jealous of your time to catch up on life's finer things. I hope your photographers get back soon. Thanks for sharing on Monday Mingle.

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

What a gorgeous look! Nothing wrong with pics from the past when they're that fab! And thanks so much for linking up to Monday Mingle last week. I hope you'll join us this week too!