Monday, November 18, 2013

My Evening With Clinton

I was planning on doing this post last week, but as happens in life the week got away from me, so here it is over a week from "my evening with Clinton" and I'm just now posting.  Better late than never, right?

I love Clinton Kelly.  It's okay, my husband knows.  I've watched Clinton in every episode of What Not To Wear (my favorite show), I watch him on the Chew, I own and have read all of his books and I follow him on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.  I've said for years that I want Clinton for my BFF, I want to be his Stacey (I'm a wardrobe stylist too) and that if I could meet anyone it would be him.  So when I found out that he was coming to Atlanta for an event at Macy's I knew I had to be there.  It just so happened that the event was the night before my birthday and Southern Blog Society members (of which I am one) were invited to attend.

My oldest daughter was able to go with me to the event so my husband, who has no interest in this kind of thing at all, got to relax back at our hotel. We arrived over an hour early which meant good seats, time to take pics (that's what bloggers do, right?) and visit with others who were at the event.  I finally got to meet two of my longtime Instagram/Twitter friends, Christopher Macken (MrMFamous), and Elle Sees (elleseesyou), which was really fun and made the evening even better.

Clinton started off the evening with a little "what not to wear" with audience volunteers and then moved on to a fashion show featuring current trends styled on women of different ages and sizes.  Next he did a question and answer time.  I really did have a question about his thoughts on red lipstick so I raised my hand...and he called on me!!  I wore a bronze sequin jacket I bought at T.J.Maxx specifically for the event and the first thing Clinton did was complement me on it! Woo hoo!  Then I asked my question and we chatted a minute about his thoughts on red lipstick (it's not for everyone, only for those who really want to highlight their mouths).  Clinton wrapped up the evening giving a little inspirational talk about loving and accepting ourselves.

I didn't want to leave without giving Clinton my business card and thanking him for a great evening so I hung around until the opportunity presented itself.  He came back out for a meet and greet with people who had spent $100 at Macy's and when there was a break between people I got Clinton's attention and asked him if he'd take my card.  He very graciously did, thanked me for my question and coming to the event and blew me a kiss.  My day, birthday, year, life were made at that moment.  (Yes, I'm being a little dramatic, but...)

Now on to my outfit... I love sequins and knew that not only would this jacket be perfect for this event but for the upcoming holidays.  I didn't want to be too dressy so I paired the jacket with dark wash boyfriend jeans and a black satin tank.  As I've said many times before leopard goes with just about everything so I knew these leopard wedges, which I wear all the time, would be just the thing to complete my look.

It was a great night. Clinton was as nice, funny and charming in person as he is on TV, maybe even more so.  It was the perfect way to kick off my birthday weekend!

<3 Mz Savvy Style

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Before the show

Me and MrMFamous, Christopher Macken.  He's a sweetheart!

Here's Clinton!

Introductory chat

Trend fashion show.  This look features faux leather leggings and booties

Clinton and I having our little red lipstick chat

Me and fellow stylist/blogger and friend, Kaity Moreira

After the show, up close and personal with Clinton

Sneaking a picture of Clinton when I was giving him my card

Beauty Blogger, Elle Sees, and me

Me and my gorgeous girl, Megan

After event dinner

Sequins and boyfriend jeans

Bag is Juicy Couture

Fun night!


Elle Sees said...

So glad I got to finally meet your gorgeous self!! xx

Nicole Feliciano said...

He is a total doll! I met him when I went to see the Chew. I totally understand why you want him for a BFF. Here's my photo with Clinton