Sunday, November 3, 2013

Pattern on Pattern on Pattern on Pattern

Pint on Print on Print on Print

Replay cuff shirt
$175 -

Dex sweater

Joseph twill pants

Topshop bracelet

Moschino scarve

The Pattern Mixing trend is here to stay and makes getting dressed so much fun!  When mixing two patterns go with one large and one small with at least one common color.  When mixing more than two patterns choose an anchor piece (in this outfit it's the shoes) and pull colors from there.  This outfit contains four patterned pieces (two large and two small) and two solid pieces.  It makes for an interesting, creative outfit! Oh, and if I had an extra $564 laying around I would snatch up these shoes in a heartbeat!  They are fabulous and would mix well with so much! 

<3 Mz Savvy Style


Megan, said...

Yes please!

Lulu Soler said...

Love this Elizabeth!