Tuesday, January 21, 2014

This Dress

You know when you see something and you fall instantly in love with it and you can't stop thinking about it until it's yours?  That's exactly what happened with this dress.  I saw it at the grand opening of Versona Accessories Athens back in early November but I couldn't think of what I had coming up that I'd need a party dress for so I didn't get it.  But I kept thinking about it.  And thinking about it.  You see, there are a few things that I LOVE above all other things when it comes to fashion and emerald green is one of them.  Once the Christmas rush was over I realized I did indeed have something to wear this beautiful green party dress to ~ my daughter's best friend's wedding ~ so I rushed over to Versona not expecting the dress to still be there.  But it was and they still had my size!  I think it was meant to be, don't you?

My all time favorite combo in fashion is emerald and leopard.  I love how they play off of each other and make the other one pop!  I was wishing I had a good pair of leopard pumps to go with this dress but I don't, I have a few pair of wedges, skimmers and ballet flats, but no pumps so I went with the next dressy option ~ wedges. (I know, it's hard to believe this leopard obsessed girl does not own leopard pumps!  I'm working on remedying that!)  I tried several bags but ended up with this little leopard clutch that complements the shoes.  I picked up this necklace at Versona at the same time as the dress.  I knew the tortoise shell would complement the leopard.  It all came together just the way I'd hoped.  I was a happy emerald green/leopard wearing girl!

(Please excuse the quality and lighting of these pictures!  I was trying to discretely take blog pics without attracting attention to myself and the lighting was not good in any of the areas we tried.)

XO Mz Savvy Style

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Dress: Versona (they don't have a website but here is one that's beautiful too!) | Shoes: Jessica Simpson (last year - similar --> splurge or save) | Clutch: Loft (sooooo old! Similar --> splurge or save) | Necklace: Versona (similar here and here) | Bracelet: J.Crew 

And while we are on the subject of emerald and leopard I just had to share this coat with you that I found today at a vintage shop here in Athens.  Isn't it perfection?  If it had been in my budget it would be mine!
Coat: Agora Vintage, Athens Georgia (if you love green coats like I do this one is really pretty!)

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