Wednesday, July 29, 2015

My Swimsuit Story

Here's a little tidbit about me, I've always been an avid exerciser but I've also always struggled with my weight.  I've been every size from a 00 to a 12.  Seriously.  Many summers I've been in good enough shape to wear bikini while at the beach or pool.  But there have been some years, like after babies and after my daughter's long hospital stay where I lived on cafeteria food and cupcakes, that I've had to switch to a one-piece or tankini to spare everyone from the sight of my, um, not-so-toned midsection.  Last summer I reaped the rewards of a year of really hard work and a strict diet and was able to bring a wardrobe of bikini's with me to the beach.  Well, this summer rolled around and after a long year of a lot of stress, I've gained fifteen pounds and the bikini's were staying home.  It used to be that stress caused me to loose weight but once I reached 40 it has done the opposite.  The over 40 weight struggle is real, friends!  One of my dear friends described trying to keep your weight down after 45 like trying to keep a beach ball under the water.  The minute you force it down it pops right back up again!  Ugh! So I had to go dreaded swimsuit shopping before our family beach vacation.  Fortunately there are a lot of really cute tankini's and one piece swimsuits out there.  There are also cute cover-ups for the beach/pool days you're wanting to just sit under the umbrella and read a good book.

I love mixing patterns, even with my swimsuits!
Striped Halter Tankini Top: Target
Polka-dot Bikini Bottoms: Target
Kimono With Fringe: The Loft Boutique (sold out) Similar
Beach Read: Judy Blume
Sunnies: Quay Australia
Fedora: Target

Scarves make great cover-ups!  I'll do a tutorial soon.
Tankini Top: Victoria's Secret
Bikini Bottoms: Victoria's Secret
Large Scarf: Stella & Dot
Floppy Hat: Natural Paper Company
Sunnies: T.J.Maxx (These are similar and at the top of my wish list!)

I love a white swimsuit, especially after spending a few days in the sun.  I decided the tie-dyed bottoms, instead of white, added some interest.
Tankini Top: Victoria's Secret
Bottoms: T.J.Maxx ~ These were from one of last year's bikini's and still fit so I decided to get a tankini top to go with them.  Here's a similar option.
Flip Flops: Michael Kors
Hat: The Natural Paper Company
Sunnies: Similar
Beach Read: Judy Blume c/o PopSugar Must Have Box

I opted for a new all red tankini because I was hoping for the BayWatch effect ala Pamela Anderson.  It didn't work... ;-)
Tankini Top: Target
Tankini Bottoms: Target
Flip Flops: Michael Kors
Tie-dyed Tunic Top Used as a Cover-up: Entourage
Beach Read: Sophie Kinsella
Sunnies: Quay Australia

What's your swimsuit story?  


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Alyson said...

Love all the suits and how you styled it! Such great inspiration for women in our age category. :)