Monday, August 13, 2012

Basic Go-To

Do you ever have a day (or days) that figuring out what to wear is a chore? You just stare into your closet completely uninspired waiting for something to jump out and say "wear me"! I know I sure do and today was one of those days. For fashionly uninspired days (or days I'm in a hurry) I have go-to outfits, outfits that are comfortable, easy to put on, and don't take a whole lot of thought. They also need to be outfits that I feel good in. When you are fashionly uninspired you certainly don't want to feel uncomfortable or uncute! This black maxi skirt/ivory blouse combo is one of my go-to's. It's a good basic foundation to build on. I can change it up with different accessories like necklaces, scarves, belts, bags and shoes.

What are your basic, no brainer, go-to outfits? Do you have more than one?

Today I'm linking up with Real Girl Glam for Real Girl Style! Have a savvy and stylish day!

<3 Mz Savvy Style


Megan, said...

oh my ghad - this is stunning and elegant
Xo Megan

Mz Savvy Style said...

Thanks, Girl!