Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Just Call Me Stacy

Today I taught a fashion workshop at a business who's corporate office is located in our town.  This company started a health and wellness program for their employees a year or so ago and asked me to come in, teach a workshop on fashion and do a few style makeovers.

I was given three ladies to makeover and given a budget for each of their outfits.  I met with them last week, one at a time at three different stores, and picked out outfits for them to model in today's mini fashion show.  I styled each lady in office appropriate looks but looks that are very different.  Oh, and I was under or right on budget for each one!  For Michelle and Kimberly I was able to do the complete look, clothes, shoes, bags and accessories and stay in budget.  For Shelia we spent a little more on accessories and went to a slightly more expensive store so she provided shoes from her own closet (which, by the way, she had never worn!).  I showed their before pictures on the screen and then introduced each lady one at a time and talked about their outfit.

After the mini fashion show I talked about business casual dress, what not to wear in the workplace, how to build a basic wardrobe (I call these Style Staples) and trends.  I finished the workshop by teaching the participants several new ways to tie a scarf (they were all gifted scarves when they arrived).

Honestly, I was really nervous at first but once I started talking my inner Stacy London took over and it went really well!  I hoping this is the first of many opportunities to speak to groups like this.

<3 Mz Savvy Style

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