Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Closet Staple ~ White Jeans

Every woman needs at least one pair of white jeans in her wardrobe.  White jeans are perfect for spring and summer but can also be worn year-round with the right top, shoes and accessories.  Many women believe that white jeans make you look heavier, and that's just not true.  It's all about the fit not the color.  Anything that you wear that is too tight or too big will make you look heavier.  The key to finding the perfect jeans, no matter if they are white or regular denim, is trying them on.  Take several pair into the dressing room, different sizes and different cuts, and try them all on.  I know it's a pain but it's worth it when you find the perfect pair!  I would suggest once you find the perfect pair you buy two, one to hem to wear with flats and one to keep longer to wear with heels or to cuff (if they are skinny jeans).  I also love a good distressed pair too!

Do you own a pair (or two) of white jeans? If you don't, is it something you are planning on adding to your closet? XO Elizabeth

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HeidiFerguson said...

I love white jeans!! My favorite pairs have always been GAP! My current favorite is the white girlfriend jean that I bought this year. Love them! They look awesome with a tall wedge for a dressy look or flip flops! I have a classic pair of white jeans that have a large flare at the bottom (GAP) they are trouser jeans. Still very current looking (except they are low rise -I refuse to wear the high rise -ew!) and lastly , I have a pair of white stretchy jeggings from GAP that have been around for years as well and are still relevant! Great post Mz Savvy Style!