Monday, December 7, 2015

Green's My Favorite

A new week and a new blog post! Yay!!  Last week was crazy with wrapping up at the old job and the start of the new job so (once again) time for blogging took a back seat.  I'm hoping once the holidays are over and I've got a handle on the new job's schedule I'll have time for a regular posting routine.  As for now you will just have to bear with me as I'm on a post-when-I-can schedule! ;-)

Do you have a favorite color?  One that you are just drawn to?  I have two, green and tiffany/turquoise blue, but I'd have to say that green is my favorite.  And I've never met a green sweater I didn't like.  Seriously.  I'm like a magpie to a shinny object when I spy a green sweater!  I did a little shopping last week at Entourage and picked up this sweater (and a few more things) because... it's a gorgeous shade of green, it's a tunic and it has fringe!!

~ What I'm Wearing ~

Tunic Sweater: Entourage {similar}
Faux Leather Pants: {old} This pair is on my Christmas list!
Suede Tall Boots: {old} These are almost identical and under $200!
Necklace: Stella & Dot {It can be worn five different ways!}
Camo Crossbody Bag: Hammitt via Tootsies {It was love at first sight ~ I'm obsessed!!}

What color are you drawn to?


Pics and makeup by the fab Jennifer Duvall of JennySue Makeup!